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Truffle Bak Kwa

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    New Year series, there is hardly a sexier combination than the Truffle Bak Kwa. We join forces with homegrown corporation Golden Gourmet to shake up Singapore’s bak kwa experience.

    Boasting air-flown French black truffle from the world-renowned Maison Plantin, the already delicious traditional handmade grilled pork shoulder is given another dimension. The absolutely seductive truffle noire of Provence origin, also dubbed “diamond of the kitchen”, is added to the pork before the pork sheets go into the smoking chamber and then over a traditional charcoal fire for caramelization. One bite and the tender and moist grilled pork sheets take the senses of smell and taste on a heady vacation. It is no wonder though, as the labour-intensive, almost back-breaking processes such as hand-mixing it, as we know, are culminating in a gourmet bak kwa experience.

    Two true-blue trailblazers have achieved a gastronomic breakthrough. Far beyond artisanal, Direct To Masses, with its dedication to tip-top quality and ingenuity of modern convenience, and Golden Gourmet’s spirit of innovation romantically anchored in four long decades of tradition have realised a gourmet dream.

    The luxurious Truffle Bak Kwa gift box makes a perfectly premium gift for those people who have exquisite taste buds. Get a whiff of this gem of a CNY goodie today, just as the ever-important truffle hogs did when they dug the diamonds out for us gourmands.

    Weight: (Approx 300g/6pcs, Each piece Individually packed)

    * No Artificial Flavouring, No MSG

    Shelf life: [Ambient] 1 month, [Frozen] 2 months

    Reheating Instructions from Frozen:

    Airfryer: 3-4mins, 150C

    Steamer: 3-4mins

    Frying pan: 3-4mins, low heat, no oil