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Superior Shark's Fin in Thick Broth (金勾翅) with Abalone

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DTM’s Superior Shark's Fin Soup uses whole fins (金勾翅) and South Africa Abalone (六头) to compliment this exquisite dish. Its rich savoury, the collagen-rich broth is laboriously prepared and slow-cooked over six hours.

DTM’s Superior Shark's Fin Soup Includes: 

5 x Whole fins (金勾翅)
5 x South Africa Abalone (六头)

Braised Broth

DTM’s Superior Shark's Fin Soup comes in a disposable metal pot so that you can just heat it up. The Ultimate Mod Con experience!  

*Vegetables not included.

Place metal pot over low heat/fire for 20mins
*If using induction cooker and unable to heat up, transfer contents into a metal pot