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包你福 Bountiful CNY Bundle (4-6pax) Premium

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    This time, our CNY Bundles debuts the Direct To Masses's Signature Roasted Meats Series! Why queue or order from restaurant, risking delaying your mealtimes or worst, no delivery at all! We’ve seen this occur many times during festive seasons, so we at DTM are here to give you a piece of mind that your meals are ALREADY in your freezer where you are in control of when you want it! Fresh & piping hot, straight out from your own kitchen!

    As part of the Luxurious CNY Bundle Set experience, customers would be delighted to find that we included our Limited Gourmet Truffle Bak Kwa into the bundle. Using air-flown French black truffle, the seductive truffe noire of Provence origin is added to the pork before the pork sheets going into the smoking chamber and then over traditional charcoal fire for caramelization. One bite and the tender and moist grilled pork sheets take the senses of smell and taste on a heady vacation.

    Our Bountiful CNY Bundle includes a selection of either the Bountiful Pen Cai OR Superior Shark's Fin in Thick Broth for the CENTER piece of your whole meal. DTM’s Pen Cai hosts a treasure trove of prized ingredients while the DTM’s Superior Shark's Fin Soup uses whole fins. Both with rich savoury, the collagen-rich broth in a metal pot where you can just heat it up directly.

    Roasted Meats are a staple in CNY’s meals and what better time to launch our Roasted Meat Series than CNY! If you are a fan of our roasted pork and char siew, you will LOVE our Roasted Duck with Dang Gui Sauce and Roasted Chicken! All will be included in this Bountiful bundle! You will get our Signature Roasted Duck [HALF] w/ Dang Gui Sauce, Roasted Chicken [Whole], Roast Pork [260], Char Siew [260g].

    To complete this sumptuous meal, we have added our Seafood Money Bag as a Starter, Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice as Carbs and finish off with a Yam & Pumpkin Dessert.


    Shelf life: 6 months, except Bak Kwa (1 month)

    Condition: Frozen, except Bak Kwa (Room Temperature)

    包你福 Bountiful CNY Bundle for 4-6 pax

    1 x Truffle Bak Kwa
    1 x Pencai or Shark's Fin
    1 x Roasted Duck [Half]
    1 x Roasted Chicken
    1 x Roasted Pork (260g)
    1 x Pork Belly Char Siew (260g)
    1 x Seafood Pocket (20pcs)
    1 x Yam Paste w/ Pumpkin puree (500g)
    2 x Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice (200g)

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