About Us

Our Story

Direct To Masses is the mod con way to restaurant quality products right at your doorstep. Embracing an interplay between modern and traditional cooking methods, we cater to food lovers from all walks of life so that you can enjoy it at your own time, in your own comfort. 


" ... enjoy it at your own time, in your own comfort."


At Direct To Masses, we create food that promises excellence and satisfaction. We are an innovation-driven food service created to be affordable and accessible – because great food deserves great people.


What is Mod Con? 

Direct To Masses is trailblazing a direct method for masses to access restaurant-served meals, through the DTM Mod Con Innovation. Mod Con, the short form of ‘Modern Convenience’, delivers convenience by making cooking more convenient as compared to traditional methods. With Direct To Masses, you can expect modern innovations in delivering you the best of convenient cooking!


We Care About Quality.

Direct To Masses is a hallmark brand that delivers warmth and happiness through satisfied bellies. With expertise from F&B veterans, Direct To Masses assures food that makes the mark of excellence. All of our products are signatures of our brand – juicy, crackling, sizzling. You name it, we deliver.

Be Guilt-free.

Direct To Masses brings you familiar indulgences without the guilt. With no MSG and preservatives, you can eat worry-free. Cheat days or not, we’ve got you covered. Did we also mention that the shelf life is for 3 months to 1 year? You get them fresh out of the kitchen with the same great taste and quality.