Bountiful Pen Cai (包你福盆菜)

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DTM’s Pen Cai hosts a treasure trove of prized ingredients including 6-head South Africa Abalone, Fish maw, Roast pork, Shiitake Mushroom, Dried oyster, Chestnuts and Fa Cai (black moss), epitomizing its symbolism of abundance and prosperity. The exquisite festive delicacies are laboriously prepared over six hours, slow-cooked in collagen-rich broth to bring out the best flavours of each ingredient. 

Fish maw is sold either dried or dried and fried. In our Pen cai, we included both types, the dried version is known as 花膠 (hua jiao) and the fried and dried version is known as 魚鰾 (Yu Biao). Yu Biao (魚鰾) is the usual grade which you will normally see in restaurant dishes whereas the higher-grade Fa Gau (花膠) is much more costly, is thicker and is valued for its collagen.

Bountiful Pen Cai Includes: 

6 x 6-head South Africa Abalone (六头)
6 x Hua Jiao 
Fish Maw (花膠)
6 x Yu Biao Fish Maw (魚鰾)
6 x Roast Pork
6 x Shiitake Mushroom
6 x Dried Oyster 
10 x Chestnut 
2g Black Moss (发菜)
Braised Broth

Our Bountiful Pen Cai (包你福盆菜) comes in a disposable metal pot so that you can just heat it up. The Ultimate Mod Con experience! Surely 包你 full!

*Vegetables not included.

  • Place metal pot over low heat/fire for 20mins
    *If using induction cooker and unable to heat up, transfer contents into a metal pot