Charcoal Grilled Thai Chicken Skewer Charcoal [Gai Bing]

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Huge fan of Thailand's street food but do not have to luxury to fly over due to COVID restrictions? Fret not, you can now prepare your own Gai Bing at home!

With just under 10 mins, you can then imagine yourself standing by the streets of the land of smiles, eating Gai Bing. Trust us, it is that good! Pair it with our own chili and enjoy the burst of Thai's flavours in a mouthful!

Ingredients: Chicken Meat, Soy, Garlic, Sugar, Fish Sauce, Milk

Weight: 500g, 10 Sticks per pack

Condition: Frozen.

Shelf life: 1 Year.

No MSG or preservatives.

1. Thaw in fridge or at room temperature 2 hours before cooking
2. Pop it into Air Fryer: 10-13mins 180 Degrees OR Oven:- 200Degrees 10mins OR Pan fry med heat for 5mins each side.