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Wagyu Beef Patty

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Giving your burger a sophisticated turn with Japanese Wagyu’s most significant qualities – flavour-rich and extra-ordinary tenderness, you will never look at burgers in the same way again.

Made from 100% minced Wagyu Beef, the flavour and aroma of these patties when cooked is unmatched by any other burger patty.

Ingredients: Minced Wagyu Beef, salt

Weight: 150g per piece, 2 pieces per pack.

Condition: Frozen.

Shelf life: 6 months.

No MSG or preservatives.

1. Thaw wagyu overnight in fridge or 2 hrs before cooking

2. Heat up non stick pan , medium heat and heat for 2 mins

3. Add two tablespoon of oil

4. Place wagyu patty in the pan 2mins sec on each side

5. Remove wagyu from pan, let it rest in a plate for 5 mins

6. Ready to serve