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Hokkaido Pork Patty

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If you want a burger patty with amazing features, try our Hokkaido Pork Burger from Hokkaido. Aside from its rich taste, its paving its way to the top of the market due to its amazing features such as double in Collagen, double in Vitamin B1, having Healthy Fats, and of course, very tender!

Double in Collagen, Double in Vitamin B1, Healthy Fats and very tasty.

Ingredients: Breadcrumb white(fine), UHT milk full cream, modified starch 1211, Monosodium Glutamate, Chicken seasoning powder, vacuum salt, phosphate, white pepper powder.

Weight: 150g per piece, contains 2 pieces

Condition: Frozen.

Shelf life: 6 Months.

1. Thaw overnight in fridge or 2 hrs before cooking

2. Heat up non stick pan , medium heat and heat for 2 mins

3. Add two tablespoon of oil

4. Place patty in the pan 2-3mins sec on each side

5. Remove patty from pan, let it rest in a plate for 5 mins

6. Ready to serve

*for additional flavor * Add in one spoonful of butter and add garlic thyme or rosemary