The Joy of Sharing

The Joy of Sharing

The roasted pork from Direct To Masses is not only a delectable gift to bring along to gatherings, it is a fuss-free and great do-it-together pre-mealtime activity. Simply pop a slab or two into your friend's oven and impress them with restaurant standard roasted pork belly in less than 30 minutes - no defrosting required!

It is a terrific solution for people like me - who believes in not showing up for parties or gatherings empty-handed and the best thing to bring is always something for everyone to share.

The roasted pork belly from Direct To Masses are vacuum packed for your convenience so you can always buy more of them and store them in your freezer for an emergency back-up, should you be invited to an impromptu gathering.

It is definitely a dish that taste so good, it makes you look good. Highly recommended!

- Isabella Kee
  Business Development Manager
  Colornet Printing Technology Pte Ltd

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