Hands up if you like Dim Sum!

Hands up if you like Dim Sum!

DTM aims to create a ‘mod-con’ food, so that everyone can enjoy great food without tedious food preparation. Perfect for busy moms like myself!

I've got the privilege to try their newly launched dim sum series and boy their range of dim sum is massive! So many flavours of Paus to choose from and the types of Siew Mai they have will satisfy the pickiest of eaters! 

Their pau are soft and fluffy, and the fillings are pretty generous. My personal favorite is the Pandan Kaya pau, and Jacey loves the Red Bean pau! I foresee their paus will be a hit with the children. The Siew Mai is Chewy and flavorful, eaten together with the chilli they provide, every bite a delight! The Salted Egg siew mai is a first for me, and the Mushroom siew mai is Jacey’s favorite!

Not only it’s convenient and easy to prepare, it saves me a lot of time preparing breakfast! 10 mins in the steamer is all it takes to serve restaurant quality dim sum dishes. This means more time for me to rest and more energy to cater to the needs of my family.

Thank you DTM! We can now enjoy yummy dim sum at the comfort of our home! 

- Jolene Tan
  Full-time Mum


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