Gourmet Dinners Made Easy

Gourmet Dinners Made Easy

From impressing my mother-in-law when she pops by for dinner, to satisfying that late-night supper cravings on our couple movie nights, I am just glad that I have Direct To Masses in my freezer! With perfectly sealed individual packs, one can have 3 times the enjoyment, one slab at a time. 

I usually pop a slab into the air fryer once I hit home from work and enjoy the goodness right after taking my shower. Totally effortless! I pair it with salads for a satisfying non-carb meal (eating it with a simple drizzle of mustard is positively divine). 

These truly are some kickass gold nuggets of love - packed with a crispy crackle! More often than not, seeing a nice bunch of leeks at the supermarket inspires me to make my nostalgic heirloom Chinese New Year dishes using Direct To Masses' roasted pork.

At the same time, that creativity has been expanding into my cooking, from adding it into my cabbage rice to actually creating a new Sio Bak pasta! This is an impressive gift that I often pass to my single girl friends who just got their new place. A standby bar of gold in your freezer, confirm Huat Ah!

- Eile Goh
  Master Financial Consultant

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